Summit County Jiu Jitsu

842 North Summit Blvd #29
Frisco Colorado 80443
United States

questions & comments


Q: I don't have any experience, is that okay?

A: Of course, if we didn't cater to new people interested in training then we would not be in business very long. :-)

Q: Do I need to schedule or register for my classes?

A: If you are a prospective new member coming in for the free trial class or if you are a drop in from out of town we would appreciate it. If you have a membership, then you are welcome to come to class whenever you want. 

Q: What should I bring with me to my first class?

A: If you have your own equipment you are more than welcome to bring it. If not just show up with shorts and a t-shirt that you would feel comfortable working out in. We provide loaner equipment to all new people for any trial classes. 

Q: If I join what equipment will I need and where do I purchase it?

A: For Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you will need a gi and for the Muay Thai/kickboxing classes you will need boxing gloves, shin guards, hand wraps. If you plan on sparring further protective equipment will be required when you are ready. We sell everything you need in our academy, however you are free to use any appropriate equipment you have your may have purchased elsewhere including gis from former academies. 

Q: I have trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at a different academy, am I allowed to wear my gis from that academy here?

A: Absolutely! All are welcome here.

Q: What is class like/what is going to happen in class?

A: The classes are set up for learning, you will practice techniques with varying resistance levels in a controlled setting. All free training will happen outside of class and you will be free to join that at your discretion. 

Q: I am visiting the area, can I drop in and train at your academy?

A: We would love it if you did! Training with people from all over the world is the best part of having an academy in a resort town. Drop in rates are $25/day $75/week. 

Q: What time are your classes?

A: You can find the schedule here: INSERT LINK or on out app, just type Summit County Jiu Jitsu into the app store in your phone. It is free!

Q: At what age can kids start classes?

A: Typically the youngest we allow into the kids programs is age 6. However if you think your child can pay attention and follow direction for at least 45 minutes at a time we will allow them to do a free trial class and make a decision afterwards on whether or not an exception will be made for them. Also private lessons are available to all kids regardless of age.