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My name is Tim Stark. I am a Sports Chiropractor. I have participated in martial arts for over ten years (3+ years of Tae Kwon Do and 7+ years in BJJ). I teach sports medicine all over the planet. I understand the details of teaching and appreciate the fine art of delivering information to an audience for the purpose of adding to the audience's knowledge and abilities. Doug has a natural ability to relate to people of all ages and abilities. He naturally relates to the student on their level (whatever that may be) and understands their abilities (or lack there of ) as well as appreciates their personal goals. Doug masterfully addresses ones goals and constructs a training regime that aligns to it. I also have two daughters that have train BJJ for 7+ years. He is able to relate to the younger student incredibly well and adjust the BJJ curriculum accordingly. I trust Doug with my whole family and high recommend him for your BJJ/Health-enhancing interests.

Tim Stark - Director - Human Performance Center - Northwestern Health Sciences University

My name is Lancer Schrum. When I first stated BJJ I was in my 30’s. I was super nervous about joining because of my age and athletic ability. I was 5’9’’ and 135lbs. So I going to train with people half my age. I heard it from my friends and family I was crazy. Looking back now they were all wrong. Doug kind of took me under his wing to make me feel at home. I wasn’t just a number with him. It wasn’t just me he knew all the students. He got to know us personally. Also if I had questions on a move he would stay after class and go over it with me one on one. He even got me to enter a BJJ tournament. The day of the tournament I was so nervous. Doug was there as he also was competing. The day is one I will remember. I didn’t win, wasn’t even close but it was fun. I am glad I tried. The self-confidence training BJJ gave me is priceless. One of the best decisions of my life was to walk in that gym and start training.

Lancer Schrum

Doug Cuomo is a talented instructor and excellent communicator. His level of patience and understanding of people and their needs is top notch. He was one of the most influential coaches when I first started learning jiu jitsu, this was five years ago. Today, when we practice, train, or roll together he continues to teach me new moves, small but important details, and new ways to see jiu jitsu. I would recommend Doug’s instruction and classes to anyone interested in learning solid technical jiu jitsu.

Joey Mack - Whiting Petroleum Corporation

If you are looking for a great Jiu-Jitsu experience I can’t recommend Summit County Jiu-Jitsu enough. You will not be disappointed. Doug is a very friendly and personable coach, who has a great knowledge of all things BJJ!

Matt Siders, Fargo, Police Officer