Kids Brazilian Jiu jitsu

At Summit County Jiu Jitsu we focus on teaching children martial arts in an enjoyable and positive manner. The classes include games related to Jiu Jitsu along with the drilling of techniques and training. We have structured the whole kids' martial arts curriculum on the premise that the kids will be more likely to learn, stick with training, and develop real skills if they are enjoying themselves.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a safe and effective way for children to become involved in martial arts, as well as, learn to defend themselves. BJJ focuses mostly on physically controlling others with leverage rather than punching or kicking. If a situation arises where they are forced to defend themselves, it is unlikely that they will get into trouble doing so since they will not be using punches or strikes to defend themselves. Instead they will be using their learned ability to control their attacker until the attacker gives up or help arrives. 

Benefits your can expect when your child is training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Better performance at school

Improved focus, fitness, behavior, energy, and a sense of accomplishment from training will cross over into other areas of life over time. 

Increased sense of self worth/self confidence

Responsibility, goal setting and accomplishment, better safety awareness, helping others, and confidence to deal with conflict in an appropriate manner. All of these things that are taught during training will lead to an increase in confidence and happiness in life. 

If you want your child to try class, please call or click and we will contact you ASAP.